Jeremy Renner is looking at death a little differently these days.

Over a year after his snowplow accident, the Hawkeye star revealed how his medical emergency shifted his beliefs.

“I was never afraid, mind you, of death prior,” Jeremy explained on This Life of Mine With James Corden Feb. 1, per Entertainment Tonight. “Now, I’m really not afraid of it. Now, I’m double downing. Now, I’m kind of excited for it.”

“To be honest, it’s what life really is,” he continued. “This rock that we’re spinning on and this body and this language that we’re speaking and all these feelings and emotions and conflict is all horses–t. It’s meaningless in the scheme of things.”

In January 2023, Jeremy was hospitalized after sustaining injuries from a snow plow in Nevada. The accident left the Hurt Locker alum with eight broken ribs, a broken right knee, ankle, left leg, tibia, left ankle and right shoulder. He also suffered a collapsed lung, punctured liver, broken jaw and issues with his eye.

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