Dwight Howard throws termination of child support card at ex-girlfriend Tiffany Render after filing petition for child custody

Dwight Howard is back in the tabloids. This time, Howard is stuck in a custody battle. Howard is fighting in court with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Render. The two are engaged in legal issues as Howard fights for full custody of his 13-year-old daughter.

The former NBA star demanded that Render terminate his child support. Howard wants to stop paying child support and strip custody from Tiffany Render.

According to RadarOnline, the court documents showed the details of the custody battle. Howard currently pays $3,000 a month in child support. He wants to end those payments. Howard recently filed a motion to change their custody agreement. The original agreement was agreed upon earlier this summer.

Why is Dwight Howard going after his ex in court?

This agreement came after Dwight Howard took Render to court to change a previous agreement. He wanted to lower his child support payments and was successful. Howard seems eager to lower those support payments to zero now.

Howard previously paid Render $12,000 per month in child support. Howard was allowed to lower the payment to $3,000 after “a dramatic change in income”.

The change in income, of course, came when Howard was forced to play pro basketball in Taiwan. He was no longer bringing in an NBA salary. Howard made $2.6 million in his final NBA season with the LA Lakers.

Howard, of course, made plenty of money before then, as he was one of the top talents in the league. The center made $245.1 million in career earnings with his NBA contracts.

When Howard and Render agreed to $3,000 per month, the deal also included other stipulations. The agreement gave Howard visitation rights but primary custody to Render. Howard now wants full custody. Howard alleges Render violated the agreement by moving their daughter from Georgia to Florida without alerting the former basketball star. This violates a condition in their agreement that allows Howard to have input on their child’s education.

The case is ongoing. Howard also publicly made statements condemning his ex-girlfriend’s parenting. He was critical of the TikTok videos she was making with their daughter.

Dwight Howard also accused Render of exploiting their child. Render allowed their daughter to appear on the reality show she stars in “Basketball Wives Orlando”. Render and her representation have not yet responded to Howard’s new requests.

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