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I’m no stranger to shopping Amazon’s bestselling clothing, but I still make sure to thoroughly do my research before buying. This includes a deep dive into customer reviews, giving special attention to those with photos, and scouring TikTok for any videos of the product. This meticulous process was exactly what I did before ordering the internet-famous Tanming Sweater Set and, more recently, the popular Anrabess Oversized Fuzzy Knit Sweater ($47, originally $63). From everything I gathered, it looked soft, subtly oversize, and the perfect way to ease into the texture trend. I ordered it in white and my usual size medium, hoping it would live up to the high expectations I had set in my mind. Spoiler alert: it absolutely did. Ahead, I break down everything you need to know about the cozy sweater before you add it to your shopping cart, too.

What I love most about the Anrabess Oversized Fuzzy Knit Sweater is how soft it is. The look and feel remind me of my Barefoot Dreams Blanket, and I’m not alone in this. At the time of writing, 25 shoppers compared it to one as well. The best part is that it doesn’t make me feel overly hot throughout the day, likely thanks to its slightly oversize fit. I appreciate that it’s thick and stitched tightly, ensuring it’s not see-through, which makes it feel very high-quality. The large, folded cuffs are such a stylish addition as well.

As someone who works from home, I truly value how this sweater provides the comfort of loungewear while still looking polished for video meetings. I’ve been wearing it with loose-fitting, pull-on black pants, a combination that keeps me productive by creating the illusion of being fully dressed for the day without the discomfort I feel when I put on a blazer and jeans to work from my living room.

The most important thing worth noting about this sweater is that the brand advises hand washing in water under 30 degrees Celsius and air drying to maintain its quality. This is especially crucial because the sweater is made of 100 percent polyester, a material prone to shrinkage at higher temperatures and with rough handling (something you have zero control over when you throw it in the wash). However, not all Amazon customers follow this guideline. A five-star reviewer mentioned that the sweater fares well in the delicate cycle, and several others reported it remains in good condition after various washes without specifying the settings used. My suggestion? If you want it to last, definitely hand wash the sweater. But if that’s unlikely for you (no judgment), a cold, delicate machine wash and air drying is the next-best option.

The Anrabess Oversized Fuzzy Knit Sweater is best for those who would live in a blanket if they could. It strikes the perfect balance between coziness and chicness, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. It’s perfect for those who appreciate minimalist essentials with a touch of trendiness.

  • The Anrabess Oversized Fuzzy Knit Sweater comes in sizes XS-XL.
  • It comes in 28 colors (four of which are striped, and the other 24 are solids).
  • It’s available on Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping.



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