Video Reportedly Shows Chinese Nationals Carrying ‘Smart’ Luggage Across Border In California


Video posted to social media appears to show a large group of Chinese illegal immigrants crossing the southern border from Mexico into California.
Screenshot: @VenturaReport X Video

Video posted to social media appears to show a large group of Chinese illegal immigrants crossing the southern border from Mexico into California.

The group of mostly single men are well-dressed with some even carrying “smart luggage” with them.

Travel + Leisure describes “smart luggage” as “any travel bag that has technological features that go beyond storage” which may include “removable batteries, built-in scales, or even motors that move the suitcase on its own.”

The Daily Mail reports that the group of Chinese nationals appear to be fleeing the regime of President Xi Jinping.

Video was captured by NewsNation and posted to the X social media platform.

“Large groups of migrants , mostly Chinese national men crossing illegally through open gaps on the border wall in Jacumba Hot Springs (California),” they documented.

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Chinese Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Border En Masse

NewsNation reports that, amidst their video-documented influx of Chinese illegal immigrants, San Diego’s County Board of Supervisors is voting today on whether to use $3 million of taxpayer money to provide them with services.

“The funds would support immigrant services for up to three months while San Diego leaders seek long-term federal funding,” the Gazette reports.

Right-leaning personalities on X suggested that the large, well-dressed, well-funded caravan of Chinese nationals toting “smart luggage” is evidence of a coordinated invasion.

A New York Times column published a little more than a week ago reveals that illegal immigrants of Chinese origin are “surging” at the border.

They report that “more than 24,000 Chinese citizens have been apprehended” at the southern border, representing a number greater than in “the preceding 10 years combined.”

Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow with the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute, explained to the Times that the Chinese migrants are “more likely than not … able to stay” once they’ve made it into the United States.

They fly into Ecuador, not needing a visa, then pay smugglers to guide them through jungles on their way to America. Who is paying for these plane tickets? Who is paying the smugglers?

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Influx of Military Aged Men

The Political Insider, in a report this past Spring regarding further video of illegal immigrants receiving packets from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that include government-issued smartphones, notes a significant number of Chinese nationals in the group.

Rebecca Brannon, an independent journalist, posted images of illegals using smartphones and reviewing directives to attend court dates as far out as four years from that point.

Another video cropping up on social media a year ago showed hundreds of illegal immigrants casually crossing the southern border in Normandy, Texas, a vast majority of whom were single adults, appearing in good spirits and good shape, meeting no resistance from authorities.

While that particular group did not involve Chinese illegal immigrants, they do include other concerning demographics – single, military-aged men, well-funded and sporting name-brand clothing.

Some would contend these aren’t images of people fleeing oppressive authoritarian regimes but rather, individuals simply traveling or moving to a new country and skirting the proper rules and procedures instead of doing so legally.

Or is there a more sinister plan afoot?

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