VCK Travel wants to introduce visitors to their concept of master classes with their stand. During VCK Travel’s in-house training, students are prepared for “an adventurous journey in the world of travel booking”, including for the government. The destination for the participants is the VCK offices in The Hague and Rotterdam.

Spending a day at the office
The masterclass ensures that all newcomers receive the same training. In two months, they not only learn how to book tickets, hotels, cars, AGM, transfers and trains, but they also receive explanations about various departments such as HR, QHSE, the Works Council, account management, sales and back office.

“During our masterclasses, students are prepared for an adventurous journey into the world of travel booking.”

Every week the participants spend a day at the office where they will ultimately work. Not only to explore their future workplace, but also to get to know colleagues, shadow experienced team members and experience the atmosphere of the office.
There is also a special day on the program at Transferama in Haarlem. Here they gain deeper insights into rates and conditions, an essential part of their duties.

After two months of intensive training, presentations and experience exchange, the masterclass ends with an event. At that time, the masterclassers will be able to independently make quotes, book trips with extras and strengthen their respective offices.

The chance for a job
In addition to VCK Travel, schools and other companies focused on the aviation and travel industry will also present themselves. During the Career Experience you can participate in various workshops, listen to interesting speakers and speed date with professionals from the industry. Companies such as Corendon, KLM and the Ministry of Defense are represented.

The Career Experience is the perfect opportunity to find a job, internship or training. Just like last year, the event is organized by the publisher of this medium, the Reismedia Group.

Register here as a visitor and be quick, because full is full.

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