Two Additional Suspects Reportedly Charged –

Two additional suspects have reportedly been charged in connection to the murder of artist PnB Rock. As The Shade Room previously reported, Rock, whose real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen, was gunned down on September 12, 2022. In the weeks following the shooting, two adults and one minor were charged in connection to the crime.

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More Information Regarding The New Suspects

According to Rolling Stone, 45-year-old Tremont Navon Jones appeared “in custody” at a Compton courthouse on Monday. Jones was reportedly arrested in May. However, his charges were “filed under a different case number.” This reportedly caused his connection with the murder case to remain “under the radar until now.”

Jones has reportedly been charged with two counts of robbery, one count of “conspiring to rob,” and one count of illegal possession of a firearm.

Additionally, a woman named Wynisha Evans was also arrested in May. Evans has been charged with “being an accessory after the fact.”

The outlet reports that Jones and Evans have pleaded not guilty to their charges.

The Suspects’ Alleged Involvement In PnB Rock’s Murder

According to the outlet, investigators believe Jones was at the Roscoe’s Chicken ‘N Waffles location in South Los Angeles on September 12, 2022. At the time, PnB Rock entered the establishment with his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang.

Prosecutors reportedly believe that Jones allegedly “exchanged a fist bump” with the artist. Then, Jones later met up with suspect Freddie Trone, allegedly revealing PnB Rock’s whereabouts and possibly handing Trone the “firearm” used in the fatal shooting.

Additionally, prosecutors believe that Jones “dialed Trone’s phone number around the time of the slaying.”

Evans is believed to have driven Jones from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Her actions allegedly assisted Jones with evading “a public manhunt.”

David Haas, an attorney representing Jones, has reportedly argued his client’s innocence.

“There was no testimony that Mr. Jones communicated directly with the (the alleged juvenile shooter) at any time before, during or after the crime. There was also no testimony that Mr. Jones contacted Mr. Freddie Trone to make him aware of Mr. Allen’s presence inside Roscoe’s,” Haas reportedly wrote in a motion filed on September 29, 2023, per Rolling Stone. “The additional claim that Mr. Jones supplied Mr. Freddie Trone with the firearm is pure speculation.”

Meanwhile, Evans’ attorney, Conrad Barrington, has conceded that the woman “admits” to helping Jones flee the Los Angeles area. According to Barrington, his client drove Jones to Las Vegas “to prevent him from being killed” by police.

More Information Regarding The Shooting & Initial Three Suspects

As The Shade Room previously reported, authorities arrested and charged Freddie Trone and his 17-year-old son in the weeks following PnB Rock’s murder. Trone reportedly drove the getaway car after his teenage son allegedly entered the restaurant and gunned down the “Selfish” singer.

At the time, it was reported that Trone and his son were “already in the restaurant’s parking lot” when PnB Rock and his girlfriend arrived at Roscoe’s.

Additionally, Trone’s wife and stepmother of his son, Shauntel Trone, was also arrested. Trone was charged with suspicion of being an “accessory” to the crime.

Trone and his son were reportedly charged with “one count of murder and conspiracy to commit robbery and two counts of second-degree robbery,” per The Shade Room.

According to Rolling Stone, a hearing to decide on the prosecutors’ motion for consolidating Jones and Evans’ cases with “those of Freddie and Shauntel Trone” has been scheduled for December 4.

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