Travis Barker is speaking on the name he has in mind for his unborn son with Kourtney Kardashian. As expected, fans are chiming in with their thoughts!

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Baby Barker Is Due Around Halloween

The Blink-182 drummer shared his commentary during an interview for One Life One Chance with Toby Morse.

During the sit-down, Travis referred to his unborn son as “Rocky” before acknowledging his full name: “Rocky XIII Barker.”

Considering the reference to the beloved boxing movie franchise, Barker joked that his son would be born “doing front-kicks and push-ups.”

Additionally, he noted that the baby is fittingly due right around Halloween!

Fans React To The Name

Beneath The Shade Room‘s Instagram post, users began chiming in with their reactions to the name.

One Roomie going by @zombich shared that, while they liked the name, they were confused by the suffix that followed.

“I like the name Rocky, I’m just confused by the XIII, who are the other 12? Lol.”

Another user, @kelsysweeney, speculated on the significance of the XIII by stating, “Rocky 13 because he’s the 13th kardashian grandchild.”

As for @nyyy2xx, he declared, “I’m convinced the Kardashian/Jenners name their baby the wildest names so they can [be] the ones to say they did it first.” Oop!

Additionally, @chefgbelay praised the decision by writing, “Finally a normal name not involving directions, elements or Ks.”

Looking Back On Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Journey

Travis Barker’s name-related commentary is the latest development in his baby journey with Kourtney.

As The Shade Room reported, the couple announced the news earlier this year, and this was followed by the revelation that they were having a baby boy.

Later, their unborn son had to undergo “urgent fetal surgery,” which Kourtney and Travis acknowledged on social media.

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