With the introduction of the AGO T, Tenways quickly launched its umpteenth e-bike on the market. Since its start in 2021, Tenways has already launched a number of interesting e-bikes such as the CGO600of CGO600 Proof CGO800sof AGO X and now the Tenways AGO T.

The AGO T, unlike the AGO X, is aimed at the recreational cyclist who wants more comfort. With the introduction of the AGO T, Tenways is launching a premium e-bike on the market at an affordable price of 2,699 euros.

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Design and quality

The e-bikes from the Tenways AGO line, the AGO T and AGO Just like the other Tenways models, the AGO T also has a nice, sleek design, with an aluminum frame without welds and concealed cabling. The bicycle is available in one size (165 cm – 195 cm) and in three different colors, namely: Jungle Green (glossy), Midnight Black (matte) and Pearl White (glossy).

Key specifications

The Tenways AGO T weighs 30 kg including the removable battery, which is twice as much as the CGO600. The bicycle has 28-inch wheels with puncture-proof tires that are suitable for all types of surfaces. The bicycle has a hydraulic front fork with a lockout function, which means that you can switch off the suspension if you are riding on a flat road, for example. Hydraulic brakes are also present and bring the bike to a safe and quick stop, even in wet weather conditions.

The AGO T also has a maintenance-free Gates CDX Carbon timing belt and a stepless Enviolo gear hub. The AGO T is also equipped with a Bafang M420 mid-motor, with a power of 250 W and a maximum torque of 80 Nm. The motor has an integrated torque sensor that measures the pedaling force on the pedals and automatically adjusts the pedal assistance accordingly.

The strong Bafang M420 mid-motor with 250 W power and maximum torque of 80 Nm – © Tenways

The most important features of the Tenways AGO T can be found below.

  • Battery Capacity: 36V, 14 Ah Lithium-ion battery (removable)
  • Motor: Bafang M420 mid-motor, with 250 W power and 80 Nm torque
  • Gears: Enviolo stepless gear hub
  • Drive: Gates CDX Carbon tandriem
  • Front fork: The front fork is sprung with a lockout function from SR Suntour
  • Rem: hydraulic disc brakes
  • Frame material: aluminium
  • Relief: integrated front and rear lamp
  • Tyres: CST puncture resistant tires (28 inch)
  • Bicycle computer: lcdscherm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Autonomy: up to 100 kilometers
  • Top speed: 25 km/h (Belgium and the Netherlands)

The full specification list can be found on the website van Tenways.

Driving comfort AGO T

Due to its weight of 30 kg, the AGO T is quite heavy and less manoeuvrable compared to the CGO600 or CGO600 Pro. On the other hand, the AGO T drives very comfortably. Partly due to the upright sitting position, wide tires, suspension seat post and the Suntour suspension fork, the AGO T cycles very stable and extremely comfortable. If you do not need the suspension, you can ‘switch it off’ with the lock-out function. Additionally, the maximum suspension travel can also be adjusted as desired.

Front fork with lockout function – © Tenways

Of course, the strong Bafang M420 mid-motor with 250 W power and a maximum torque of 80 Nm also contributes to driving comfort. When cycling away, you will notice that the motor provides very natural and direct support, and that too, silently. In addition, the silent timing belt and the Enviolo hub gear ensure a seamless transmission.

Very comfortable cycling position

As mentioned earlier, the AGO T has an upright sitting position. Together with the wide, curved handlebars, you sit extremely comfortably on the bike. Even if you like a sporty sitting position, this upright sitting position is very pleasant. The curved handlebars ensure that you still have a fairly sporty seat on the bike, but not as bent forward as on the CGO600 (Pro). On these bikes you will experience pain in your wrists and arms after some time, but on the AGO T you can cycle for hours without experiencing any problems.

Riding modes and Enviolo stepless gear hub

Five driving modes can be set via the controls on the left of the steering wheel. On most roads, modes one, two or three are sufficient. You really only need settings four and five when there is a strong headwind or if you are tackling serious hills or mountains. With the Enviolo stepless gear hub, which can be operated with the turning handle on the right of the handlebars, you can always set the correct gear that you need at that moment. You can also continue cycling while shifting gears.

Tenways app integration

The LCD screen is easy to read in all weather conditions. The color screen shows the distance traveled, average speed, trip duration and battery status. The screen can also serve as a navigation display. You can plan a route in the Tenways app. The data is then transmitted wirelessly to the screen. The Tenways app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Luggage carrier with integrated rear light

The AGO T has a narrow but sturdy luggage carrier, so you can easily transport groceries or luggage. Don’t forget to purchase bungee cords if you purchase the AGO T, because these are not included as standard.

The rear light is nicely integrated and, like the front light, is powered by the battery. So you no longer have to change batteries or manually turn on the rear light. You can activate the front light and rear light at the touch of a button, or set the light to turn on automatically.

Integrated luggage carrier with rear light – © Tenways

Battery and range

The Tenways AGO T has a removable battery with a capacity of 504 Wh. With a full battery you should be able to cycle 100 kilometers on the lowest assistance setting, according to Tenways. In practice you will end up with a range of about 80 kilometers. This of course depends on the total weight, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. You can fully charge an empty battery in about five to six hours.

Conclusion and final verdict

The Tenways AGO T is an electric bicycle that stands out for its comfort, power and versatility. The bike is suitable for both daily use and commuting and offers an excellent, comfortable riding experience.

The e-bike has a high-quality design and is equipped with a number of premium features, such as:

  • A powerful Bafang mid-motor
  • A 504 Wh removable battery
  • A Gates Carbon Belt timing belt
  • An Enviolo stepless gear hub
  • Integrated front and rear lighting
  • A suspension fork with lockout function
  • A suspension seat post
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

The fact that this bicycle is so complete and powerful also has a downside. The bicycle is quite heavy and also less manoeuvrable. You clearly notice the difference between the AGO T and, for example, the CGO600 or CGO600 Pro. However, you do get a lot of bike for a competitive price

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