Cristóbal Balenciaga, the drama series about the Spanish fashion designer of the same name, was released on Disney+ on Friday.

Balenciaga is a legendary designer who made his name in his workshops in Madrid and San Sebastián. There he worked for the Spanish aristocracy. The genius ultimately set his sights on… Paris, where he battled tycoon Dior.

Balenciaga is played by Alberto San Juan. If you like Spanish productions, you may know him from his role as Julián in El Cuarto Pasajero (Four’s a Crowd) and Salva in Sentimental (The People Upstairs). Also cast: Gemma Whelan, Belén Cuesta and Vampire Academy actor Adam Quintero.

Cristóbal Balenciaga: 6-episode miniseries

The six-episode miniseries focuses on the eccentric designer and shows how having control over all aspects of his life becomes an obsession. It later turns out to be the key to his success.

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