In the second quarter of 2023, Sony sold almost 5 million PS5 consoles. To meet our own goals, there must be many more.

Smartphones, laptops and Chromebooks are becoming increasingly rare. This does not seem to be the case for Sony’s PlayStation 5. In the second quarter of 2023, which ended on September 30 for Sony, sold no fewer than 4.9 million game consoles. This means that 1.6 million more devices were sold than during the same period a year ago.

This brings the total number of PS5 consoles to 46.6 million. The fact that sales of the Playstation 5, which dates back to 2020, continue to do so well has everything to do with Sony’s stock. For a long time it was extremely difficult to find a copy of the console in both web shops and physical stores. Sony struggled with supply chain issues for a long time, just like the rest of the tech sector at the time.

The Japanese manufacturer now has more than enough devices to meet demand. The quarterly figures show that that demand is still there, three years after the console’s release. In July the gaming manufacturer announced that a total of 40 million devices will be sold. More than 6 million devices were added in just a few weeks.

PlayStation 5 Slim

However, with these impressive figures, Sony does not achieve its own goals. The company’s goal was to sell 25 million devices this (fiscal) year. The company is far from there yet. It would still have to sell 16.8 million consoles to get there. For comparison, just over 19 million consoles were sold in all of 2022. Sony is therefore faced with a feat if it wants to achieve its own goals.

However, Sony’s president, Hiroki Totoki, told Reuters that his company achieved those figures “very easily”. Perhaps the PlayStation maker is looking at the new version of the PS5: the PlayStation 5 Slim. This is not a “smarter” device with AI functions, but a slightly smaller version of the console. That new version of the console could boost the numbers a bit. Will that prove to be enough to achieve the target of 25 million devices? That will have to become clear at the end of the year.

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