Paul Van Tigchelt, the Belgian Minister of Justice, believes that the police should be able to use AI to draw up a first version of an official report. Deploying AI tools would reduce the administrative burden on agents.

While presenting the electoral lists, Van Tigchelt said that Belgian agents spend an average of 30 percent of their time on drawing up official reports and other administrative work. That reports Nieuwsblad. AI could be used to draw up a draft version of an official report based on bodycam images, the minister says. This first version would then be completed and checked by agents, to ‘halve’ the administrative work of agents.

The minister states that although Belgium has more agents per inhabitant than the average in Europe, there is still a lot of demand for personnel in the government service. Using AI tools would reduce staffing shortages and allow agents to spend less time behind the desk. According to Van Tigchelt, this results in ’15 percent more police officers on the street’, without having to hire new officers.

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