Before the OnePlus 12R is released in Europe on January 23, OnePlus will first launch the phone in China as the ‘Ace 3’.

OnePlus was expected to announce the Ace 3 along with the Chinese OnePlus 12. However, it has not come to that, and so we continue to wait for details about the affordable flagship. That news could appear on January 4, the rumor maker reports Max Jambor. According to the well-known leaker, OnePlus will release the Ace 3 in China on that date.

Just over two weeks later follows the European introduction from the same device. Although Ace and R are two separate device series, the smartphones are otherwise identical. For example, the Ace 2 came to India as the OnePlus 11R. Now the Ace 3 is coming as a 12R to Europe, India and the US.

Guessing specifications

For now, OnePlus has only confirmed that the 12R will be launched in Belgium on January 23. The device should therefore appear on store shelves not much later. How the device compares to the high-end OnePlus 12 remains a guess. According to previous leaks, the device would adopt the biggest feat of the 12, the BOE X1 OLED screen with a peak brightness of a staggering 4,500 nits. On the 12R, that screen would measure 6.78 inches.

Under the hood, the 12R should take precedence over its high-end brother. There we find an old familiar one, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – and not the faster 8 Gen 3. The battery would turn out to be large again, with a capacity of 5,400 mAh with 100-watt fast charging. Finally, the cameras, where the 12R also has to make some concessions. Device cameras would be identical to that of the OnePlus 11, claims tipster Yogesh Brar.

Launching on January 23rd

Claims are certainly not true. Whether the shared information is correct will have to be determined on January 23, when OnePlus releases the 12 and 12R in Belgium. Until then, it’s best to take the leaked details with a grain of salt.

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