It looks like the successor to the Nintendo Switch will have a screen from the Samsung factory, and not from the cheaper BOE.

Nintendo fans are undoubtedly looking forward to the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch. That console would bring some crucial improvements. For example, the console will have an OLED screen, just like the Switch OLED. In addition, the new Nintendo Switch will also have a faster chip, allowing games to be made more beautiful and larger.

Last week it was announced that the Nintendo Switch 2 does not have a specific DLSS-hardware Will get. Initially it was thought that this would be the case. The chipset for Nintendo’s console comes from Nvidia, which based the design on a chip with DLSS hardware. However, the ‘Deap Learning Accelerator’ or DLA, which guides DLSS, will not be carried over to the new Switch.

As a result, it is estimated that the Nintendo Switch will display games in 1440p resolution. In other words, the console won’t be strong enough to play games in 4K.

OLED screen from Samsung

However, that doesn’t mean the games won’t look nice. A lot depends on the screen. Nintendo turns out currently in discussions with Samsung Display to order OLED panels there. Initially, the brand would also have turned to BOE, but that option was deleted after Samsung took the manufacturer to court. According to Samsung, the Chinese BOE is guilty of patent infringement and is therefore selling its OLED panels illegally.

There is therefore a good chance that Nintendo will purchase OLED panels from Samsung. Valve is currently doing the same for the Steam Deck OLED. Initially it received screens from both BOE and Samsung, but to avoid problems in the production chain, BOE was pushed aside. In normal circumstances, however, BOE is an attractive manufacturer: the Chinese screens are slightly cheaper than the South Korean ones.

If BOE is no longer allowed to make OLED screens, this could have major consequences: the company is the second largest producer of that type of panels. Last year, the manufacturer surpassed LG Display as the second largest OLED supplier. The first place belongs to Samsung. If BOE screens are banned, the cost of OLED screens could significantly increase. If that happens, products with such a screen will undoubtedly follow soon.

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