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Few shoes have dominated the mainstream more — at least over the last decade — than Nike Air sneakers. While the shoe silhouette certainly isn’t new, the nostalgic look and inimitably comfortable design is what’s made the sneaker a generational mainstay. In fact, it’s even garnering a younger audience of millennials and Gen Z’ers alike who have leaned more into sneaker culture than ever before over the last few years.

Nike Air Force 1 shoes, in particular, have evolved into something of a wardrobe staple — and not just for their classic design and comfortable build. The real appeal of Nike Air sneakers is in their styling versatility. Unlike shoes before them, these sneakers seamlessly blend aesthetic with functionality, combining everything that we love about an everyday shoe with the practicality and support of Nike’s signature Air technology. You can wear them out to brunch with a dress, to the airport in leggings, out on a date night, or even while you’re simply running errands around town. The shoes are designed to elevate any look with a streetwear-inspired flair, all while providing a bouncy base that’s primed to provide all-day comfort.

With so many different ways to don Nike Air sneakers and incorporate the shoes into your everyday style, we tasked three editors with reviewing how the shoes work within their own closets. Two opted to test out the classic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, while another editor adopted the Nike Air Max 90 Futura sneakers within her day-to-day wardrobe. Ahead, read our honest reviews of Nike’s most popular Air sneakers.

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