After his latest federal indictment, a group of freshmen New York House Republicans have come together to introduce a resolution to expel Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

The announcement:

Rep. Santos was hit with a superseding federal indictment alleging fraud and conspiracy charges as the New York congressman stole the identities of his campaign contributors and charged their credit cards for unauthorized campaign contributions.

With Kevin McCarthy no longer in power, it will be interesting to see if House Republicans are more likely to vote to expel Santos, who avoided an expulsion vote earlier this year when McCarthy kicked the matter over to the House Ethics Committee.

Without the former speaker to protect him, will enough House Republicans vote to kick Santos out even though it will reduce the size of their House majority by twenty percent?

If Santos is going to get expelled, it seems the time is now.

If House Republicans keep Santos around after a new federal indictment and Speaker of the House, they deserve to wear his corruption around their necks in 2024.

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