On Tuesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski seemed shocked and disturbed while breaking down a new poll with NBC’s Steve Kornacki that showed Donald Trump making significant gains with evangelical voters.

The far-left host was visibly uncomfortable with these voter trends.

Trump is still far and away leading the Republican presidential field as the Iowa Caucus looms on January 15th.

‘I Have No Words’

The two left-wing hosts of Morning Joe regularly spend their time thinking about Donald Trump, but this seemed different.

“So with less than a week to go until the Iowa caucuses, new polling shows former President Trump making larger inroads with two key groups when compared to 2016: evangelicals and first-time caucus-goers,” Brzezinski said, shaking her head disapprovingly.”

Brzezinski then turned to the poll analyst.

“NBC News national political correspondent Steve Kornacki is with us from the big board. Steve, what are the latest polls showing us about Trump’s gain with these two groups?,” she asked.

“I’m just — I have no words for evangelical voters at this point,” the host added.

Kornacki showed how evangelicals were increasingly turning to Trump.

“It is a dramatic … turnaround since 2016 in terms of where Trump stands with evangelicals,” Kornacki said. “We’ve seen this nationally, and I think it’s the biggest story in Iowa. Just as a refresher, eight years ago… Trump lost Iowa. He came in second to Ted Cruz. He barely held off Marco Rubio for third place,”

He added, “Remember there were a couple days there after Iowa in 2016 [when] people were saying, ‘Hey maybe this Trump thing will all fall apart.’ He ended up winning New Hampshire, turning it around.”

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Sorry Mika

The analyst then showed what’s changed for Trump since then.

“But the reason — the overriding reason that Donald Trump lost Iowa in 2016 — is right here,” he said, acknowledging a screen that showed Cruz beat Trump by 12 points with evangelical voters. “This is the exit poll from the caucuses. This is the evangelical vote. About 64 percent of the Iowa Republican electorate in 2016 was evangelical.”

“And look, Ted Cruz won it. He won it by double digits, 34 to 22 over Donald Trump. So Cruz with a double-digit win among evangelicals, there was a lot of resistance, a lot of skepticism. Trump had some support with evangelicals, but Cruz was the candidate of the evangelicals in Iowa in 2016,” Kornacki added.

So what is Trump’s current standing with Iowa’s evangelicals? Glad you asked!

Mika wasn’t glad.

He went on to explain Trump’s current standing with Iowa evangelicals as the 2024 caucus approaches.

“Our most recent NBC News/Des Moines Register poll out of Iowa — this is about a month old, but this is what we’ve been seeing all year — among evangelicals, look at the turnaround,” Kornacki said as the screen now showed Trump leading Ron DeSantis 51% to 26% with evangelicals.

In other words, Donald Trump was up. WAY up with evangelical voters,

No matter how Mika Brzezinki feels about it.

Just wait until she finds out about black and young voters moving from Biden to Trump:

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