The Internet seems to think Lil Baby got caught in a sex act that would suggest he’s into men — but the dude’s speaking up and calling BS … while telling everyone to cool their jets.

The rapper is trending right now because of a viral video that’s making the rounds — which is sexually explicit and graphic … depicting a man giving another man fellatio. It’s one of those weird, fuzzy recordings of a recording type of clip … the source of which is unknown.

The man who can be seen in the clip apparently bares a passing resemblance to Lil Baby — at least that’s what a lot of people believe, anyway … a notion that’s further fueled by a caption that’s partially covering this guy’s full face, which reads “Nah lil baby 😭.”

In other words, some random clip of a guy giving oral sex to another man was screen recorded, someone attached Lil Baby’s name to it … and then tried passing it off as legit.

Of course, Twitter’s having a field day with this right now … with a ton mean-spirited and homophobic jokes flying at LB’s expense — but he’s already pouring cold water on it all.

He took to his IG Stories and wrote quite clearly, “Y’all gotta stop using my name and likeness when y’all get bored , then the extremes mfs go to for clout is sick. Ain’t no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL. This is my last time addressing any kind of dumb ass click bait.”

So, there you have it … Lil Baby’s saying definitively it isn’t him. Also, FWIW, the guy that’s in this viral video could be anybody — it doesn’t even really look like LB based on what you can see, and considering his face is heavily obscured … even more reason to be dubious.

In the age of deep fakes/AI … it’s easier than ever to spread misinformation. Be careful, folks.

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