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Protect the recall
system from abuse

Don’t believe a word from people asking for your signatures. They’re not paid to tell you the truth. They’re paid to get you to sign, by any means necessary.

I’m frustrated because this is a corruption of our democracy. Gathering signatures should represent grassroots support and put a check on the powers that be. Instead, it’s being co-opted by those powers, which are paying to re-roll votes and legislation that don’t go their way. Though I am disgusted by how Gov. Newsom has let PG&E get away with murder, the recall campaign against him didn’t do any good and cost California taxpayers $200 million.

I will be calling my California legislators. It’s past time they improved the recall system, to make it less exploitable. You can also contact your Alameda County supervisors and urge them to modernize our county’s recall procedures.

Alan Marling

Tell CPUC no
on new utility tax

The CPUC is getting ready to establish a new tax on your PG&E electric bill that ranges from $400-$1500 a year — based on your income.

This tax would not encourage conservation and would discourage the use of solar and other efficient technologies since you would be taxed even if you use no electricity from the grid.

This tax was authorized as a rider in a larger budget bill approved earlier this year. Much of the public has not even heard of this. Tell the CPUC to vote no on implementing this tax, and ask your legislators and our governor to repeal this legislation. More public transparency and facts are needed before saddling the public with another income tax.

Lou Lucibello

Enforce red light
rules for safety

Drivers commonly run the red metering lights. Lately, drivers too often run red traffic lights, causing collisions, mayhem and sometimes death. Too often, drivers do not pull over when police turn on their red lights.

Red lights mean stop. Metering lights should be obeyed with consequences for scofflaws. Cameras? Fine. Fines? Fine. When some drivers think there are no consequences for running red lights, they will run red lights. Red metering light-runners may not cause mayhem, but if red lights do not mean stop, some drivers will ignore red lights.

There should be consequences for running red lights.

Julie Haselden
El Sobrante

Verdict prompts feelings
of disappointment, fear

Re: “Jury finds Colorado police officer who put Elijah McClain in neck hold not guilty in 23-year-old’s death” (Nov. 6).

Given the source (The Denver Post), I became very interested and curious about what this article had to say about this situation. As an African American male, and especially with what we’ve faced the last few years in trying to make note of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, I wouldn’t say I’m just mad about the situation but also a little disappointed.

Even though this incident happened in 2019, hearing this in 2023, even after all the movements that took place throughout 2020 for this exact incident, that an officer who was holding a young man who was only 23 by the neck which caused his death was not found guilty is pretty ridiculous in my eyes.

How can citizens of this country continue to feel safe when something like this can happen and it is “OK“?

Myron Amey

It’s time to heal
our divided country

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