Kristin Chenoweth And Idina Menzel On Wicked Feud Rumors

Time flies just like witches do — and so we arrive at the 20th anniversary of the beloved smash Broadway musical Wicked.

You might also remember that Idina and Kristin were both nominated for the Best Actress Tony for their performances — and that Idina ended up taking home the trophy for her stint as Elphaba.

Around the time of the show’s initial run, rumors apparently persisted that Kristin and Idina were feuding — and now, both of them are setting the record straight themselves.

“I’d like to speak on this,” Kristin said when asked about the rumors in an interview with Vulture. “After a certain amount of time after we opened, my mom was dealing with cancer. I was emotional, and I was thinking about some other things.”

“To me, there was no way that I would win a Tony. Yes, it’s the two girls as leads. But it’s Elphaba’s story. I needed to deal with that part of me.”

“I was very emotional. I tried to push it out, I mean, if only people knew.”

“Unfortunately, people like to do that to women,” Idina added while discussing the rumors. “They can’t be supportive of one another. You have to put all this conflict in there.”

“We were tired and extremely supportive of one another.”

Kristin also revealed what her and Idina’s dynamic was really like while starring in the show together.

“People always said that there wasn’t a show in two women together as leads,” Kristin explained. “When it was pitched to me, it was like, ‘You’re very much the side character. You’re very much the supporting character.’”

“When Idina got cast, it felt like it wasn’t going to be that. It felt like we were together. I’m sure, as a sister, I got on her nerves sometimes. I’m positive I did. I get on my own nerves most of the time.”

“But you also know what the other one’s going through. Nobody else can know that but us.”

Read the entire interview here.

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