What a man gotta do to hit up CVS in peace?

Joe Jonas hilariously recounted his recent run-in with a security guard at the drugstore.

“I just walked into CVS and the security guy goes, ‘Oh! Joe Jonas?’” the Jonas Brothers singer recalled in the Nov. 1 TikTok. “And I said, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ and I shook his hand and he goes, ‘Man, you look crazy in person.’”

Joe cheekily added,  “Is that a compliment?”

Fans sweetly roasted the 34-year-old in the comments for the candid way he told the story while walking through the aisles at CVS. One user said, “I feel like we’re on FaceTime,” while another chimed in, “Was I just on FaceTime with Joe Jonas?”

Other followers tried to clear up the reason why the security guard may have said Joe looked less cool than normal, with one user commenting, “Maybe he meant to say ‘It’s crazy to see you in person,’” while another offered up, “It’s probably crazy seeing someone so famous in real life. He was just shocked.”


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