Preseason is all about rounding out the rough edges before the games count. You might try some new plays, test the limitations of players, or if you’re Jaylen Brown you might try to play with your shorts on backwards.

There’s no confusion about this one. Jaylen Brown absolutely put his pants on the wrong way. You can see the swoosh on his butt, the Celtics’ logo on his rear waistband, and the awkward way the cutaways which normally sit on thigh are now on Brown’s quads.

Far be it from us to judge this look too early. After all, Jaylen Brown got a $304M extension this offseason — maybe he’s unlocked some new incredible secret the rest of the league is going to follow as he tears the NBA limb from limb in a record-breaking season the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Or he just put his pants on backwards.

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