I read in a message from Bright.nl about this that now that it has the appearance of the iPhone 14, a big leap forward has been taken. Because the current SE still looks like the iPhone 8 from 2014.

First of all, I don’t think it is a huge leap forward because it is a design that is already three years old.
And secondly, that’s exactly what it’s all about, creating a cheaper iPhone

It doesn’t really matter to me what it looks like, but it is useful that it is compatible with the covers of the other outdated iPhones, although if it really has one camera, this does not apply.

My reason at the time for getting the Se twice was the price, the smaller sizes and the home button that I couldn’t say goodbye to yet, and actually also the jack plug. but that was already gone with the SE2020.
I’m now crazy about the home button and the jack plug.
But I again embrace the idea for a new SE. Still iOS for relatively little money.

Although increasingly better cameras from the Pros also make me leave the compact camera at home on holiday.

Choices choices…

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