The GTA trilogy on Netflix has been downloaded 18 million times, according to the streaming service. This is evident from data from Appmagic. The three games have been available for smartphones on the streaming platform since December 14, 2023.

GTA: San Andreas is the most popular of the three games. According to, which was able to view Appmagic’s data, the game was downloaded approximately 11.6 million times on iOS and Android combined. GTA: San Andreas is especially popular on iOS, with 9.1 million downloads. In second place is GTA: Vice City. iOS users have downloaded the game 3.1 million times, Android users about 900,000. GTA III was downloaded a total of 2.4 million times, of which 1.7 million on iOS and 700,000 on Android.

Although Netflix itself does not share exact figures, it did comment a letter to shareholders know that ‘engagement in the gaming segment’ tripled last year compared to the year 2022. The release of the GTA trilogy played an important role in this, the company says. According to Netflix, that was the biggest release of a game on the platform to date. Some users, the letter says, have installed Netflix only to play GTA.

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