Users can offer homemade GPTs via the newly opened Store, but it appears not to be free of plagiarism.

OpenAI has been looking forward to the launch of the GPT Store for two months, a store where users can offer customized versions of ChatGPT. Today opened the GPT store is finally open, although this is not without problems.

First and foremost: OpenAI’s chatbot works thanks to so-called GPT language models. Depending on whether you pay for the service or not, you can use the advanced GPT-4 language model. ChatGPT, as you can find it on the website and in the app, uses certain settings to make it function as smoothly as possible. In the case of the OpenAI chatbot, this means that it can be widely used, but quickly falls short when it comes to more specific tasks.

The GPT Store responds to this. Users can adjust the parameters of the GPT-4 language model so that the chatbot becomes smarter in other domains. For example, Canva’s GPT was specifically developed for creating presentations and social media posts, and GPT Books ensures that you can easily find new reading material.


“Builders,” as OpenAI calls GPT developers, can also make money by offering their GPT version in the store. The company announced a revenue system for this, but it has not yet been set up. Later this month, American builders will be able to claim those payments. The amounts are calculated based on usage: the more popular the GPT is, the more you can earn from it.


Everyone wants to benefit from this, whether they have developed a GPT themselves or not. The first cases of plagiarism with GPT are already known. On X, Becky Nagel describes how her GPT, Copy Edit Pro, counterfeit was by another user. The operation, name and icon of the GPT were adopted. The question is therefore how and whether OpenAI will act against plagiarism.

Many custom GPT models consist of little more than a series of prompts that help refine the output and possibly a number of files to fine-tune the model. That makes it very easy to recreate low-code applications. GPTs that involve extensive coding are less easy to copy – and are therefore less likely to be plagiarized.

OpenAI is not saying anything about when European builders can claim payments for the time being.

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