‘Free Palestine’ really means ‘Eliminate Israel,’ and Democrats can no longer ignore it |

Saturday’s rally in Washington makes it beyond obvious: The left won’t accept anything less than total US abandonment of Israel.

The chants of “Allahu Akbar” and “F–k Joe Biden” as the protesters smeared red on the White House gates made that pretty plain.

President Biden is trying to paper over that fundamental divide in his coalition by talking up the idea of “pauses” in Israel’s drive to eliminate Hamas.

But Hamas has made it plain that it won’t accept any efforts to reduce Gazans’ suffering: On Friday its fighters purportedly mowed down Palestinians trying to flee south; on Saturday it attacked IDF forces seeking to open a route for Gazans to escape.

(And it’s still blindly firing rockets and missiles into Israel — continuing to target civilians.)

Israel, meanwhile, has said it won’t even think about any pause unless Hamas hands over the hostages it seized during the Oct. 7 terror attacks.

That’s something the group’s leaders, safely ensconced in Qatar, could order any time; instead, they offer vows to keep on with future terror raids until Israel is destroyed.

None of that mattered to the marchers in DC (or New York, or London, or anywhere else): “Free Palestine” plainly means that Israel must forever turn the other cheek — and leave Hamas in full control of Gaza.

Heck, that “from the river to the sea” chant is Hamas’ slogan.

And Rep. Rashida Tlaib knows that full well, even as she pretends it’s “an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence.”

Democrats from Biden on down are only beginning to realize how deeply the apologists for terror have penetrated their party.  

Here in New York, it turns out that sponsors of the “pro-Palestine” (that is, death-to-Israel) rallies received at least $9 million in taxpayer funds in recent years, thanks to City Council members like Justin Brannan and ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio.  

Former President Barack Obama, meanwhile, reminds America, “Nobody’s hands are clean” when it comes to this conflict.

Right: His own administration’s response to Hamas’ seizure of power in Gaza was to make sure it could negotiate with the leaders sworn to Israel’s destruction by helping set up that Hamas HQ in Qatar.

Obama, Tlaib, Sen. Bernie Sanders and everyone else now calling for a ceasefire keeps skipping over the fact that a ceasefire was already in effect as recently as Oct. 6: Israel had resigned itself to Hamas’ rule in Gaza.

Jerusalem knew that digging out the terrorists — dug in as they are amidst Gaza’s schools, hospitals, etc. — would mean the deaths of many civilians.

So it held off, thinking it had found a way to keep its own citizens safe.

Hamas proved otherwise, breaking the ceasefire in the most horrific possible way: mass rape and murder of civilians.

That left Israel no choice but to respond as the laws of war allow: Urging civilians to get out of the way as it at long last moves to eliminate Hamas and so free Gaza from terrorist occupation.

All the voices now (falsely) screaming “genocide” as they call for America to abandon Israel were largely silent as Russia and Iran intervened in the Syrian civil war, taking perhaps half a million civilian lives with barrel bombs and other war crimes (like targeting hospitals not being used as military bases) and producing more than 5 million refugees — twice Gaza’s entire population.

“Free Palestine” really means “Eliminate Israel”; for Democrats from Brannan to Biden, ignoring that ugly truth is no longer an option.

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