Things are getting desperate for House Republicans as they are now trying to investigate Biden for things like the origins of COVID.

Politico reported:

Their impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden is fizzling. And now, House Republicans are setting their sights on a wide range of new oversight targets, hoping that one might help them trip up the president in the middle of an election year.

The search for a fresh line of attack has had a scattershot feel to it, including what Republicans say is the administration’s failure to aggressively combat the Chinese Communist Party; the origins of Covid-19; the approach to liquified natural gas exports and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; and whether the administration sidestepped the Senate confirmation process in naming John Podesta the new climate envoy.

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There is one problem with investigating Biden for the origins of COVID. The COVID pandemic started while Donald Trump was president.

It appears that House Republicans are going to attempt to rewrite history and blame President Biden for the origins of COVID when Biden wasn’t president. For years, members of Congress like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) have claimed that there is a conspiracy to cover up the origins of COVID.

Look for House Republicans to go even deeper down the COVID rabbit hole to both try to hurt Biden and take support away from anti-vaxxer/conspiracy theorist and Independent presidential candidate RFK Jr.

The House majority is running out of time. They thought they could impeach Biden for offenses made up out of thin air, and when that didn’t work, they had no backup plan, so for the next several months, look for Republicans in the House to throw every conspiracy at the wall and hope something sticks before the November election.

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