Not only did John begin to bond with the sisters on-set, but as the You actor revealed, they ultimately had a huge impact on the way he envisioned himself as a dad.


“I’m spending more off-camera time with Mary-Kate and Ashley,” he explains, “I adore them, and they adore me. Writers start developing more Jesse and Michelle stories, which become a highlight of the show. We have it down to a science; Mary-Kate is stronger in the emotional scenes, Ashley scores in the comedic ones.”


He adds, “I’m starting to really love the scenes with the Olsen twins. Right away, I know the relationship between Jesse and Michelle is an important one, but as the show develops, the connection grows.”


And so does his outlook on his life.


“I’m young, but I want kids someday,” John, who was around 24 years old when he landed the part, continues, “and these lovely little girls, so bouncy and bright, represent the best versions of future dreams. They allow me to consider fatherhood like a benched baseball catcher in a dugout, watching from afar without having to catch any curveballs.”


As he put it, “I take them to Disneyland, I adore them, give ’em kisses on the tops of their heads, buy them a few crappy souvenirs, and then hand them back to their parents to do the hard work.”

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