Hamas terrorists fired rockets into towns, shot at civilians from paragliders, and kidnapped women and children from their homes. Grandmothers at gunpoint, loaded onto golf carts, to be held hostage or killed by twisted, depraved thugs — supported by soulless New York City progressives.

Yes, in Times Square on Sunday, the Democratic Socialists of America will host an “All Out for Palestine” rally. Wear a mask so you’re not recognized, the organizers say. Best to just let the swastikas do the talking. 

“Never mind the hundreds of Israeli civilians and children who have been murdered, wounded, abducted, and terrorized. Their lives mean nothing to the DSA. Nothing,” Congressman Ritchie Torres rightly wrote Saturday. “The NYC-DSA is revealing itself for what it truly is: an antisemitic stain on the soul of America’s largest city.”

The DSA is the party of Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida Talib — and oh yes, New York’s very own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal “Fire Alarm” Bowman. They are quick to lecture about “extremism” in America. What do they say about this?

Well, already Omar has called for a “deescalation and ceasefire,” meaning that Israel should just accept that 300 — and likely more — of their people were brutally murdered. War crimes should be accepted, because hey, they’re Palestinians.

“Such senseless violence will only repeat the back and forth cycle we’ve seen, which we cannot allow to continue,” Omar wrote.

But this ISN’T a “cycle” of violence. This is one group of people — Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah — intent on Israel’s destruction.

Israel would like nothing more than to live peacefully within its borders, to see Gaza and the West Bank flourish as neighbors. But the Palestinians, stirred up by propaganda, hate and money from Iran, can never accept that.

Consider what this unlawful invasion was in response to: a historic detente between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The “peace” the Squad claims to want. 

The attack “sends a message to the Arab and Islamic world, and the international community as a whole, especially those seeking normalization with this enemy, that the Palestinian cause is an everlasting one, alive until victory and liberation,” said Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“Normalization” is their enemy. Anything that stops them from turning Palestinian children into killers, and Israelis into their targets.

The Biden administration is bending over backward to reward Iran in hopes that it returns to a toothless nuclear treaty. A country that foments terror across the region, and fuels this destruction.

This is a clarifying moment for America, which needs to stand as Israel’s unwavering ally. These are monsters, and the people who support them are despicable. To President Biden: Stop playing footsie with the Ayatollah and stand up against Iran’s warmongering. To Democrats: Denounce the representatives giving aid and comfort to murderers and kidnappers.

And to New Yorkers: Come to Times Square on Sunday at 1 p.m. Hold up Israeli flags. Shout down the DSA. Show that hate will not be tolerated.  

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