Given that Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 update totally revamped its perk trees, offering players the chance to comprehensively re-build the skill-sets of their futuristic mercenaries, plenty of those who’ve headed back to Night City to play the Phantom Liberty expansion have done just that.

Unfortunately, though, it looks as though some of the passive effects dished out by certain skills aren’t working as intended in saves made after installing the game’s 2.01 patch.

As spotted and investigated pretty thoroughly by someone over on the Cyberpunk subreddit, certain handy bonuses that can give those who’ve specced into them a slight edge in combat don’t seem to be working in saves that use the latest version of Cyberpunk.

“Upon loading a 2.01 save, almost all of your skill passives stop working,” this sleuth says in their post, “If you manage to load a 2.0 or earlier save, they work fine, but as soon as you save and reload the new 2.01 save, it gets doomed and your passives won’t work after that.”

They’ve tested how a number of these effects behave in saves made in version 2.01 of Cyberpunk, as well as older ones using earlier iterations of the game, and have included a video demonstrating the differences shown by a couple across both.

For example, reaching level 20 of the headhunter skill should give your character the ability to suffer no weapon sway while they’re aiming if they crouch, which, as you can imagine, makes stealthily sniping foes from afar much easier. However, the clip shows that in the 2.01 save, the post’s author was suffering sway regardless of whether they were standing up or hunkered down.

Being a coward with a severe fear of confrontation, my main Cyberpunk character boasts that very same passive, so I’ve hopped into the game to test out these findings for myself. In short, when it comes to that particular passive, this redditor and the other players they’ve asked to try the same thing look to be onto something.

As you can see in the clip below, in which I’d loaded a pre-2.01 save, the passive seems to work as intended, steadying my pistol when I crouch.

Evidence loaded.

On the other hand, in this second clip, made once I’d saved over that same file to bring it up to version 2.01, I seem to get sway both when standing (as I should) and while kneeling (when headhunter should be stepping in).

More evidence.

So, this looks to be something to bear in mind if you’re hoping one of these passives will save your hide whichever fire fights you’re planning on getting into soon.

This article will be updated ASAP if CD Projekt Red acknowledges this apparent issue or deploys a fix aimed at resolving it.

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