Soon, Google Chrome will make it possible to install any web page as a desktop app, just like Safari does.

The new feature was noticed by X user Leopeva64 in the latest Chrome Canary build on Windows. It now includes an option to install a web page as an app. You can then use the website as you would an app, from your desktop.

To activate the feature, you must first enable two flags: chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-install and chrome://flags/#shortcuts-not-apps. You can then find the function under Settings -> Save & share. This is only possible in the beta version, Canary.

In the web app itself you can use various functions such as Print or Cast. There is also a simple toolbar with which you can navigate. It is not yet known when the feature will become available to the general public.

Chrome Web Store

Google’s web browser had its own app store, but stopped offering apps after a while. In addition, it also had a problem with malware. Now there is a new version from the Chrome Web Store, but only for extensions and themes. Soon we may be able to use apps from the web browser again, but in a different way.

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