Ceaser Emanuel is opening up about the reality show in which he previously starred, ‘Black Ink Crew New York’ and alleging how much money the show garnered in advertising profits. Additionally, Emanuel is alleging that he and the cast have not received a percentage of those profits.

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Ceaser Emanuel Alleges VH1 Made $1.2 Billion Off ‘Black Ink Crew’

Ceaser Emanuel recently sat down for an exclusive interview on the ‘Bagfuel’ podcast hosted by DJ Esso and Hynaken. A clip of the interview was released earlier this week, in which Emanuel explained how much VH1 allegedly profited from the show in advertisement checks.

“I was just curious, right… I had my lawyer look into it. [I asked him], ‘How much advertisement money [did] Black Ink make for the whole 10-year span?’ Bro, when he brought the numbers back, I p****d my f*****g pants.”

Emanuel alleged that the reality show garnered the network $1.2 billion.

Additionally, the entrepreneur went on to allege that he and the cast did not receive “a percentage of that” money.

The Former ‘Black Ink’ Star Alleges He Doesn’t Receive Residual Checks From The Series

As the conversation continued, Emanuel added that the alleged amount is only VH1’s alleged profit from “one show” and only a period of “ten years.” According to IMDb, the series was launched in 2013 and remains on-air.

“And that’s just for that ten years, we’re not talking about now ’cause if we’re streaming on Peacock — this, that,” as he explained, Emanuel was interrupted by a question DJ Esso.

The host then inquired if Emanuel receives “residual” checks from the television series. ABC News notes that “residuals” are “long-term payments to those who worked on films and television shows.” Additionally, the outlet adds that they are usually “negotiated by unions, for reruns and other airings after the initial release.”

“Residual what, bro?” Emanuel replied.

Social Media Reacts To Ceaser Emanuel & His Allegations

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section with mixed reactions to Emanuel’s allegations. Some seemed to believe the entrepreneur, and shared their sympathy. While others seemingly chastised Emanuel for allegedly not reading his contracts with the network.

However, reality star Tami Roman also entered the comment section with insight.

“Reality stars are not actors BUT if networks play the season & let it go, the pay is appropriate-you get what you negotiate. However if networks are going to license & continue streaming that season & past seasons in perpetuity, the people who were apart of those seasons should be compensated. Unfortunately there is no union for reality tv so networks will continue to make money & not have to pay residuals 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Additionally, talk show host Quentin Latham, also known as Funky Dinvea, shared his commentary.

“There is no amount of negotiating they could have done. This is how the entire reality tv environment is structured”

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