In the future, an Apple Watch could analyze your sweat during a workout and then provide advice on your water intake. Apple has had a patent approved for a new sensor setup.

Patently Apple came across the recently filed patent. The details describe that the special sensors can also activate automatically when they detect that the user starts exercising. The new technology could give Apple’s fitness wearables a nice boost.

The range of applications is also broader than just sports. In theory, an Apple Watch could soon warn in extreme heat when the wearer is in danger of becoming dehydrated. It can also warn people who have absorbed too much fluid, although these additional options are not mentioned in the patent.

Apple Watch and sweat ratio?

However, the patent is full of technical jargon. This outlines the internal workings of the sensors when detecting the user’s sweat. In theory, the sensors could take measurements in two places, in order to arrive at a kind of ‘sweat ratio’ that can be shown to the wearer as a measurable figure.

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The technology could be an immensely important tool for intensive athletes and for enthusiasts and professionals alike. A future Apple Watch could make a fairly accurate estimate in real time of how much sweat the user is likely to lose during a measured activity.

Still, it would be great if Apple soon launched such an Apple Watch on the market. As is often the case with patents, it remains a matter of theory, to prevent competition from stealing the rights. On the other hand, it seems a logical step to keep the wearable market moving. If it is not yet for this year (with the Watch X), the feature could possibly be for the following year.

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